4 Tips on Building an SEO Strategy for Dentists

dentist seo strategy

About 52.3% of U.S. adults visit a dentist on a recommended six-month schedule. Dentists and doctors alike recognize that the numbers should be closer to 100% since oral care is essential health care.

So why aren’t more people visiting the dentist? Many people have a fear of the dentist, and others don’t recognize the importance of oral care. On the bright side, this means there’s a clear opportunity to educate patients.

Dentists who use an SEO strategy can deliver information quickly and generate more patients. The benefits of SEO include more visibility online and more authority as a provider. Find out how dentists can easily build an SEO strategy today.

1. Answer Patient Questions Online

Search engine optimization (SEO) at its core means that Google, Bing, and other search engines want to provide better answers for users. One of the best ways dentists can work with search engines is by answering common questions online.

Dentists can invest more time in talking to patients and understanding the biggest questions they have about different dental services. From there, blog posts about each question can boost a website so more people can find answers online.

2. Create an Easy-to-Use Website

Technical issues are a big part of SEO. Though dentists may not know how to build a website, there are many options to create user-friendly sites these days.

Search engines are paying more attention to mobile-friendly websites and websites with fast loading speeds. To keep up, dentists need to make sure their website is simple and easy to use.

Dentists can work with a professional developer or use a template that includes everything.

3. Implement a Social Media Strategy

One thing many dentists may not realize is that SEO and social media go hand in hand. By using social media, a dentist’s office can promote their website content and build more authority within their community.

With social media, dentists can answer patient questions in real-time. Using platforms like Facebook, dentist offices can also post their hours and availability to make it easier for patients to find them.

Social media helps provide a method for two-way communication. When patients are able to engage through social media, they may be more likely to visit a website and schedule an appointment.

4. Optimize a Google My Business Page

Improving local SEO is especially important for dentists since most or all patients are from the same area. One of the best ways to improve local SEO is through a Google My Business Page.

The more information on the page, the easier it is for prospective patients to find an office and schedule an appointment. Optimizing a GMB page might include adding office photos, adding easy appointment scheduling, and more.

How to Get Started With an SEO Strategy

Developing an SEO strategy is a great way for dentists to develop long-term digital traffic. It helps patients find local offices and decide which dentists offer credible and beneficial services.

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