5 Incredible Benefits of Google Authorship

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If you’re familiar with online marketing and SEO strategy, then you’ve undoubtedly heard these buzzwords mentioned in the industry. However, taking advantage of content is easier said than done, as producing quality content on a regular basis (and getting it to rank!) can be a challenge.

Fortunately, Google has made it easier than ever to claim your content, help it rank, and build your online influence. Through Google Authorship, brands can take advantage of branding their content and helping it rank.

We’ve been surprised, however, at how few brands are taking advantage of this incredible tool! While there are many blogs and content creators using Google Authorship, the vast majority of site owners have yet to add this tool to their online strategy. The reality is that Google Authorship gives brands the opportunity to write the future of their own SEO.

Here’s how:

  • Add a face to your content: Not only does this improve branding for your content, but this also helps you rank over plagiarists. If you post quality content on a regular basis, the reality is that people will flat-out copy and paste your work onto their sites – and in many cases they end up ranking higher than the original publisher! With Google Authorship, you can ensure that you get full credit and ranking benefits for your content.
  • Get your content indexed faster: By itself, Google Authorship won’t let you rank higher. After all, the quality of your content is the ultimate determining factor. However, claiming your work through Google Authorship and sharing it through Google+ will help you be found faster than the competition. Remember, connected content generally has an advantage over other websites.
  • Increased visibility: The addition of a headshot next to your content really helps it stand out on the search results page. Since we’re visual creatures, the distinguished look of content claimed through Google Authorship naturally drives more clicks and traffic, even if it isn’t the first result ranked on the page.
  • Authority and reputation: Continuously publishing content through Google Authorship builds your credibility over time, as your library of published content continues to grow. Google will acknowledge you as a content creator and as an authority in your niche, helping your future posts perform even better.
  • Higher traffic: Of course, all of these benefits ultimately result in higher traffic for your content and your website. This creates a snowball effect, as higher traffic generally signals a quality site, especially if people are spending time on your pages. In the long run, this will help improve your rankings and reputation online.

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