5 Lasting Trends in PPC Advertising to Watch Out for in 2020 – What to Know


Pay-per-click advertising has taken the world by storm and is still revolutionizing the marketing industry today. According to Alphabet, in 2019, they earned $32.6 billion from Google’s advertising business, 16 percent more than their ad revenues from the previous year. Although this is a big reason for companies to pay attention to their PPC campaigns, this also means companies need sound, future-proof PPC strategies. Here are some trends we see in PPC for 2020, which you should definitely consider in your marketing plan.

PPC Automation

Machine learning continues to have the biggest impact on how PPC advertising plays out online. Automation is a fast, cost-effective way to set up a campaign, and it frees you up for other marketing-related tasks. Even so, it still needs organic supervision, especially when managing clients who are just starting their campaigns. 

For the machine to start learning when to put content out, it has to learn from humans. Be sure to set up a consistent structure for content creation, and track conversions and traffic from the beginning. Do not be frustrated with Google’s automated strategies either—there is a learning curve for it, and your results will likely decline before they pick up.

Integrated marketing

In 2020, diversified strategies will be more valuable. Companies that can identify cross-channel advertising opportunities will put their brands ahead. Search Engine Journal reports that efforts must be united—Google’s Smart Shopping and Amazon Ads are good examples of this. 

Aside from blended marketing, video is also fast becoming the medium of choice. Video advertisements get in front of more eyeballs, and millennials, in particular, actively search for YouTube videos when learning about something new. As the second most widely used search engine in the U.S., YouTube makes for a convenient and impactful addition to a marketing campaign.

Making content for micro niches

Because of the glut of online resources available today, a company looking to gain more customers have to do more than find their niche. They need to find categories within their categories and put effort into promoting their services through content that highlights these. 

For example, a specialty stationery shop in Tampa should not try ranking for terms like ‘bullet journal’ and ‘fountain pen.’ They should focus on subtypes under these; ‘bullet journal for moms,’ for example, or ‘fountain pen seller in Tampa.’ Apart from ranking in search engines, their landing pages should have niched-down promotions, and an added benefit is lower cost-per-click, as Google likes relevance.

Customer retention optimization

Although marketing strategies commonly focus on getting leads and customers, keeping them should also be a priority. In 2020, Search Engine Journal warns that there may be a stagnation in the U.S. search market. This is because people’s search habits have plateaued and because there are so many brands out in the market. 

Because of these, companies would need to cultivate brand loyalty among consumers. One way to do this is by focusing on high-value customers; tracking and analyzing their buying habits, for one, or soliciting feedback from them. Post-sale messages are also important; you would want to solidify user experience even after the transaction.

A shift away from the juggernauts

2019 saw more people spending time on platforms other than Facebook and Instagram. YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok have seen more people on their sites, and increasing revenues. 

In 2020, consider including other websites, such as the above, and forums like Reddit and Quora, in your marketing plan. Although Facebook and Instagram still have the bulk of social media traffic, content on your brand should also appear in two or three other sites. You do not need to be in all of these places where people gather. Understanding where your target market tends to go, and the things they look for in these sites will help you craft organic posts or sponsored content for these places.

The bottom line

In 2020 and beyond, the digital marketing landscape will keep changing, so it is important to adapt to these developments. Companies need to consider how their strategies can not only attract new customers but how they can keep existing ones, as well. Internet marketing companies, therefore, must be at the forefront of these innovations.

Pure Digital Marketing is a web design, SEO and internet marketing company based in Tampa, Florida. For more insights on how digital strategies are informed by new trends, and how these can impact your brand, consult with us today.

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