6 Essential SEO Tips for an Effective Web Design – Our Guide

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Having an SEO strategy is not just for the content that you put on your website. Know that SEO should also be included in your website design because it is crucial to the success of your business. 

If you want to know how to use SEO to enhance your web design, here are six practical tips to do so: 

Ensure that it’s user-friendly

In recent years, Google has grown to become even more user-focused, which means that it shows the most relevant results to users online. One way to boost your business’ relevancy is by having a user-friendly web design. You may have valuable content, but if Google sees that your site is hard to navigate and has high bounce rates, it won’t pull up your website for users to see, causing your site to be at the bottom of the search results. 

Not only will a user-friendly website help search engines to rank your website higher, but it will also satisfy your customers. After all, aren’t your customers the reason you put up a website in the first place? Give them an excellent user experience, and you get more favorable returns. 

Keep it simple and relevant

The key to good user experience is through simplicity and relevancy, meaning that your web design should not contain many elements. Instead, keep it simple by using an adequate amount of white space and ensure that there are no blocks of text. Give your users a simple yet fulfilling experience, and you’ll gain their trust. 

Externalize website coding

Your website coding, such as your JavaScript and CSS, must be placed externally. When these codes are not placed outside an HTML document, search engines will have a hard time crawling through your website. When search engines fail to crawl your website, it will not get indexed, meaning that it will be harder for your site to appear on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Create an effective content structure

As it is often said, content is king. As part of your website design, you need to have an effective content structure in place. Having a content structure in place will help you assess the amount of content that you need, and topics to explore, among others. Keep in mind that sites with little content tend to have low SERP rankings. Additionally, a content structure will help you plan out your entire content strategy to ensure that you only produce relevant content on your website. 

Create search-friendly URLs

The best web URLs contain keywords to make it easier for search engines to crawl your website. So, when designing your website, plan out the URLs that you will use. Make sure that they’re not too long and don’t contain complex wordings that could make it hard for search engines to crawl through your site. 

Create unique metadata

Your metadata is your page titles, descriptions, image tags, and others alike. Make sure that all of them are unique and contain keywords, and that it can be. By doing so, it will make it easier for search engines to determine the structure of your website. 

Remember that your web design plays a vital role in your business’s success. For this reason, you have to implement the right SEO strategies to enhance your web design so that your business will grow. 

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