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errors in seo

11 Common Errors in SEO You Should Be Aware Of

A robust Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, strategy allows you to consistently see more traffic and generate more sales for your business. But even if you’re aware of some issues with your website, staying on top of the most successful optimization techniques can be challenging. Are you struggling to get

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seo blog

SEO Blog Guide: How to Leverage Blogs for SEO

You can increase your appeal to customers and boost your ranking on search engines by including blogs on your website. However, properly leveraging a blog requires you to understand SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. Writing an SEO blog can draw people to your site—but a poorly done blog may drop

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who needs local SEO

Who Needs Local SEO: Industries That Benefit the Most

In today’s digital landscape, every business can benefit from investing in local SEO, or search engine optimization. But for certain industries, local SEO can truly work wonders. National or even global SEO has become highly competitive and expensive. As a result, small businesses are turning to local SEO as a

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ppc calculation

PPC Calculations: Determining Budget and ROI

Pay-Per-Click marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for any business. However, a PPC campaign isn’t something that you should let run wild, either. Fortunately, Pure Digital Marketing knows precisely how to optimize your PPC calculation. Just like any marketing campaign, your PPC advertising needs to be carefully calculated, monitored,

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