Why Buying Fans and Followers Makes Your Company Look Desperate.

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As a qualified tampa search engine optimization and internet marketing company, This post just needs to be said….

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I was scanning Facebook posts and articles from friends when I saw a message for a “BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL”.  Shocker I know, we all saw black friday specials but this deal was different.  This company posted an offer to get you 1,000 Facebook fans, 5,000 twitter Followers and 10,000 you tube video views for just under a $100.

The company went on to say that its about “Social Proof” and once you have these “so-called” fans and followers you will be able to gain credibility, interaction and targeted campaigns towards your new found buddies.

Stop Right There…..What?…..Credibility?…..Interaction?…..Targeted Campaigns?

With Who?…..What Age Group?…..What Gender?…..What Income Levels?

So how can this company offer about 16,000 fans, followers and views to your social media pages? It’s because they buy fake fan accounts of people who live in Canada, India, or some other place that is thousands of miles away from your local business area.

Think about that for a minute folks…..Did you get into business to fool your customers and spend your days posting or tweeting to people who are not really there…..What amount of money and time is it costing you to post a message where no one is truly listening…..What is your return on investment for that philosophy…..How long will that method keep you in business…..What about Facebook’s “Edgerank” or You Tube’s “Time Watched” or Yelp’s Fake Review Algorithms that help to eliminate and spot a business when they see fake fans, fake reviews, fake testimonials, or fake anything.

The purpose of social media should be to have your true customers share their experience, be engaged, help increase your brand awareness by sharing your posts and ultimately gain the trust of their friends and family as customers. Growing your business and social media following is not a marathon or race as it will take time, effort and commitment. But just like anything you nurture and cherish with proper care, it will eventually blossom into something greater than you expected.

The bottom line is in todays society your customers are not dumb the internet has changed the way we research, shop and buy.

Your Turn…..What are your thoughts or experience with paid for fans and followers?