PPC For Roofing Contractor

Roofer Marketing Case Study

Pure Digital Marketing Helps Roofer Increase Conversions by 226%, From 28 to 63 Average Leads Per Month.


The Roofing contractor industry tends to be very competitive in terms of online marketing, especially since most can cover a pretty extensive area throughout Tampa Bay. So while this roofing contractor thought setting up his own Google Adwords campaign was a good idea, he did not realize how mismanaging the budget, ads, keywords, and conversions could drive up the cost per click and overall cost per lead.


Our client already knew that PPC was a good strategy to generate immediate leads and calls. Once he hired Pure Digital Marketing we began to overhaul the campaign by creating a dynamic landing page, optimizing the ad groups, eliminating irrelevant keywords, and implementing both phone and web-form conversion tracking to improve the campaign’s conversion rate while driving down the cost per lead and wasted ad spend.


  • 226% Increase in conversion rate
  • 63 Average Leads a Month.
  • 256% Increase In Click-Thru-Rate (CTR)
  • 43.8% Decrease in Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • 34.6% Decrease in monthly spend

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