SEO & PR Results for COPD Medical Practice

Medical Practice Marketing Case Study

Pure Digital Marketing helps COPD medical practice increase its patient bookings by over 511% in 3 months with an effective SEO & Press Release strategy


A COPD Medical practice was getting minimal results from it’s existing online presence and did not rank for any company branded or non-branded keyword phrases in organic results. Most of the marketing budget was being spent on traditional print advertising activities such as magazines, newspapers, and health related publications.  This medical practice needed to increase their online visibility in major search engines for national non-branded keyword phrases to help increase the business bottom line.


Search Engine Optimization – We first set a goal to improve the visibility of the websites branded keyword terms to target those that already knew and could refer this COPD medical practice. We then set a goal to increase their non branded traffic by implementing effective keyword research, website content optimization and a consistent link building strategy.

Content Marketing & Press Releases: We created 5 press releases that were distributed over a 3 month period to public relations websites, helping create a buzz about the Dr.’s on staff and a few recent COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) case studies they performed.


  •  1300% increase in organic traffic.
  •  70% increase in unique visitor traffic.
  • 500% increase in Patient bookings.
  • 4,000+ visitors in 1 month.

To learn more about this case study and how we can help increase qualified traffic and leads to your medical practice, contact Pure Digital Marketing today!

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