website loading time

Website Loading Time: How Fast Should Your Site Load?

It may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but website loading time is more complex than it may seem. The faster a site loads, the quicker visitors can find what they want. Even if it’s just a matter of one or two seconds, that’s all it takes for someone to decide to look elsewhere. Luckily, website loading times aren’t set in stone and can be improved. Here at Pure Digital Marketing, our web design experts in Tampa, FL, know all about average page load times and how to increase page speed to keep visitors coming back to your

Local SEO strategy

How to Design Your Local SEO Strategy to Attract Targeted Leads

Do you ever use Google Maps to find local businesses? What about for your business? Google Maps can play a crucial role in your local SEO strategy. If you know how to create a search engine optimization strategy, you can help get more customers to your local business. That way, you don’t have to spend as much money on advertising. Read on to learn more about what to include in your local SEO strategy. Set Up Google My Business If you haven’t already, Google My Business is essential to your local SEO strategy. You can use your Google My Business

conversion rates

The Beginner’s Guide to Website Form, Call, and Chat Conversion Rates

Are you looking for ways to get your website to produce more sales for your company? Do you wonder if there is a trick to getting the web pages on your site to convert? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about conversion rates. Doing so can be of tremendous benefit to your company. Rather than focusing on “throwing as many darts at the dartboard” as possible, you’ll be more focused on getting your site visitors to buy. See below for an in-depth guide on conversion rates and what factors go into increasing them for your

home service marketing strategies

Home Service Marketing Strategies to Attract More Booked Jobs

Digital marketing is more relevant than ever.  With the ongoing pandemic forcing businesses to work on their online services, it’s more important than ever that businesses start implementing digital marketing strategies, especially for home services.  It doesn’t matter if it’s HVAC, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, or another type of service-based business, they all need a digital marketing strategy.  Here’s a guide on home service marketing strategies and how they can people your business, giving you more leads and more sales.  SEO SEO is search engine optimizations, and it helps your website become more noticeable when someone is searching for something related

dentist seo strategy

4 Tips on Building an SEO Strategy for Dentists

About 52.3% of U.S. adults visit a dentist on a recommended six-month schedule. Dentists and doctors alike recognize that the numbers should be closer to 100% since oral care is essential health care. So why aren’t more people visiting the dentist? Many people have a fear of the dentist, and others don’t recognize the importance of oral care. On the bright side, this means there’s a clear opportunity to educate patients. Dentists who use an SEO strategy can deliver information quickly and generate more patients. The benefits of SEO include more visibility online and more authority as a provider. Find

reputation management

Reputation Management 101: How to Put Your Business in the Best Light Online

Have you been wondering how you can improve your business’s online reputation? There are ways you can manage your businesses’ reputation to retain your current client base, while also bringing in new audiences.  To learn more about online reputation management, keep reading. This strategy could be just what your buisness needs to shine your brand in the best light.  Online Reputation Management: The Basics Online reputation management involves monitoring and engaging with customer reviews, ratings, questions, and concerns across multiple different digital platforms. This practice is used by businesses that want to maintain their online reputation throughout time to attract

Benefits of local seo

5 Important Benefits of Local SEO to Know

As a business owner in the age of technology, you’ve no doubt heard about search engine optimization. SEO is a staple of organic and paid website traffic. It’s the coding that search engines use to find relevant content based on keyword searches. However, you may not understand why local SEO is important for small business owners and the benefits of local SEO. Not all website traffic is created equal. Especially if you own a locally-based company like a restaurant, contracting service, or any other business that requires a physical presence. We’re here to help enlighten you. Keep reading for the

Internet Marketing Strategies For HVAC Contractors

Internet Marketing Strategies For HVAC Contractors

Helpful Strategies Include Web Design GMB, Reviews, SEO, PPC, And Google Local Service Ads Getting ahead of the competition in the HVAC business is not easy, especially given the number of other HVAC companies out there. One of the biggest problems that HVAC contractors have when it comes to reaching new customers is visibility: you want your HVAC company to be seen along with (and ideally before) all the others. Internet marketing strategies are some of the best tools for increasing visibility. The following HVAC marketing strategies have proven extremely effective for increasing visibility, leads and sales: Web Design GMB

SEO for lawyers

SEO for Lawyers: How Law Firms Can Utilize SEO

There are around 1.3 million active attorneys in the United States. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a part of the biggest firm in your state, a big part of success as a lawyer is finding clients. In this regard, traditional advertising methods are increasingly giving way to more modern tools. One of the fastest-growing ways to bag clients in the legal world is SEO marketing through blogs. Read on as we look at the benefits of SEO for lawyers, and how your firm can make its way to the first page on Google. What Is SEO? Search engine optimization

online marketing chart on a tab

4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Opt for Digital Marketing – What to Know

Today, digital marketing is paramount for any business’s processes. It is all the more crucial for small-scale companies that aim to grow, thrive, and succeed in their industry. No matter what strategy you use, where it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or content marketing, digital marketing strategies can help you reach out to your target market, get your products or services sold or availed of, and give your brand a boost in recognition. When it comes to the various forms of digital marketing, however, they ought to be deliberately planned and properly executed. If you want to ensure successful digital