marketing and user experience

Marketing and User Experience: Why a Great UX Design Matters

Marketing and user experience (UX) have a close connection to your website. A great UX design can improve the experience of everyone who visits your site, and happy visitors are more likely to handle marketing for you through word of mouth. You can learn more with Tampa web design experts from Pure Digital Marketing. Reach out to the company’s team today for professional assistance. Just call 813-536-3878, so you can discuss your website goals.  Go Over the Facts About User Experience Many companies underestimate the connection between marketing and UX. Studies show that only around half of the brands reviewed

website call tracking

Website Call Tracking: Why It Matters and How To Track Your Conversions

Most websites track conversions from direct online purchases through the site or the completion of online forms. However, professionals from a leading digital marketing agency in Tampa say website phone calls are also important when determining the business’s conversion rate. Google Analytics makes it easy to track web actions like forms and purchases, but what about website call tracking? Consult the guide below to learn call tracking with Google and additional software and how they both affect your company’s conversion rate.  What Is Website Call Tracking? Website call tracking gives business owners crucial insight into the effectiveness of their website

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Experienced Tampa Internet Marketing Company

Hello I’m Dave Caban, President and Founder of Pure Digital Marketing, a full service Tampa internet marketing solutions provider. Offering services of web design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, social media management, content marketing, video marketing and more. At Pure Digital Marketing, a Tampa internet marketing company, we run our business based on the three P’s, people, process and profit. Many firms are founded and managed by a web designer or developer, Pure Digital Marketing is owned and operated by internet marketing experts and business people. Our goal is to create an online brand around your business and marketing objectives.

small business budget planning

How to set a Small Business Marketing Budget

One of the most daunting tasks as a small business owner is properly setting up an accurate and comprehensive marketing budget that will create entrepreneurial success. Unfortunately, establishing a customized marketing and advertising budget that is fine-tuned for the specific needs of your organization isn’t a one-size-fits-all opportunity. Careful thought, planning and goals need to be taken into account. Small businesses with differing goals can have wildly different marketing budgets, even within the exact same industry. Sadly, many small business owners aim high for quick results and growth but invest very little in how to market, influence consumers and ultimately