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How Does PPC Ad Auction Work: A Brief Guide

Many businesses want to get on the first view pages of Google, Bing, or another popular search engine and drive more traffic to their services. However, the order in which these engines show ads and whose they choose to show depends on several factors. A PPC ad auction helps. You can have better success with your ads with pay-per-click management by Pure Digital Marketing, and award-winning techniques will help you make it to the top. Learn about how a PPC ad auction works and everything you need to know about applying to your own services. What Is PPC Ad Auctioning? PPC

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What Google’s New Adwords Display Means for Your Business & SEO

While Google’s latest SERP shake up has nothing to do with a search algorithm, it may still be impacting the position of your business in search results. Google’s Adwords side bar ads are officially out and in their place are up to four ads at the top of the page, located above organic desktop search results. While Google has been testing SERPs with four ads for several months, until early February, only 1 percent of SERPs had four ads above the top. As of late February, that percentage had jumped to 36.4 percent, reports Moz. These ads all continue to

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Paid Search Advertising Campaign, Optimization and Management Extensive Keyword Research: Our proprietary keyword research process allows us to uncover vital statistics on search trends that increases the overall ROI of each campaign. Our research team has access to the keyword phrases that your competitors are spending the majority of their marketing budgets on. This allows us to identify high performing words to add to your campaign. The process continues each week as we add more long-tailed and core keyword phrases to each campaign. Professional Landing Pages: The most common mistake businesses make in regards to PPC marketing, is which web