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Seven Social Media Marketing Trends to Capitalize For in 2022

Social media marketing has significantly changed in the past years. Social media’s popularity is only increasing, meaning you need to update your social media strategy to stay relevant and visible across all platforms. There are several social media marketing trends you can capitalize on in 2022. When you need social media marketing professionals in Tampa, Pure Digital Marketing is a reliable partner that helps you get results. Get more information on social media marketing services by calling 813-536-3878. Social Media Marketing Trends to Leverage With social media drawing more users daily, using the right social media marketing trends is critical

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5 Incredible Benefits of Google Authorship

Content Marketing! Content Schedule!  Content Management! Content Creation!  Content Strategy!  If you’re familiar with online marketing and SEO strategy, then you’ve undoubtedly heard these buzzwords mentioned in the industry. However, taking advantage of content is easier said than done, as producing quality content on a regular basis (and getting it to rank!) can be a challenge. Fortunately, Google has made it easier than ever to claim your content, help it rank, and build your online influence. Through Google Authorship, brands can take advantage of branding their content and helping it rank. We’ve been surprised, however, at how few brands are

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Web Design Tips That Can Help User Engagement and Conversions

So your website is built, your product page is in fine working order, and your business is poised to skyrocket into the stratosphere of success. But fortune and glory seem to be taking their sweet time. What can you do? Your web design may be missing some key components that help convert visitors, so the customers who so desperately want to buy your product may, in fact, might not believe you are the right business for them. Here are a few simple web design tips for beginners, to start you down the path to better website conversions. Keyword Research: Whether

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How Google+ is Reshaping SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is how your website becomes more visible when an individual uses a search engine like Google. It is an internet marketing strategy that helps websites rank higher on a particular search engine, in order to attract more visitors to the site. SEO strategies have relied on something known as keyword stuffing, where a blog post is filled with specific keywords in order to attract more “attention” from search engines. This technique can seem a bit unnatural, and while keyword stuffing is still used today, Google+ (or “Google Plus”) is helping to transform the world of

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How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

Content marketing is one of the best methods used to increase the number of visitors to a website. It is classified as an inbound marketing technique that utilizes the production and distribution of high value content in order to produce a number of positive results for websites. When done the right way, content marketing can play a role in effective website SEO. Check out the following ways that content marketing and SEO work together. Content Marketing Through Social Media In ways that are still being examined today, social media has an important impact on SEO. A presence on social media

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Why Buying Fans and Followers Makes Your Company Look Desperate.

As a qualified tampa search engine optimization and internet marketing company, This post just needs to be said…. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I was scanning Facebook posts and articles from friends when I saw a message for a “BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL”.  Shocker I know, we all saw black friday specials but this deal was different.  This company posted an offer to get you 1,000 Facebook fans, 5,000 twitter Followers and 10,000 you tube video views for just under a $100. The company went on to say that its about “Social Proof” and once you have these “so-called” fans and followers