How to Respond to a Bad Review on Google

How to Respond to a Bad Review on Google

When your business gets a negative review on Google, you may feel anxious and have the instinct to defend your work or product with ferocity. However, appearing hostile and defensive to potential customers who read your reviews and responses will only have adverse effects. Rather than lashing out at your naysayers, employ the effective digital marketing strategies by Pure Digital Marketing in Tampa, FL.

If you’re unsure how to respond to a bad review on Google, you don’t need to worry. Remember that customer feedback about a negative experience isn’t the end of the world. In this post, you’ll find strategies that take your one-star review and turn it into an opportunity to show how much you care about your clientele and their experience with your business.

Why Should Business Owners Respond to Negative Google Reviews?

Regarding bad reviews on Google, there is only one way to react that will benefit your business. You must respond to negative reviews quickly and compassionately. Ignoring bad reviews shows customers you don’t care, and fighting makes you seem aggressive and self-serving.

When an unhappy customer posts a review about their experience with your service, that’s your chance to show them and any potential customers that their satisfaction matters to you. Remember that thousands of people looking for the type of product or service you provide will see the review along with your response.

Google reviews impact businesses more than ever, and customers are now doing their homework online before they even step into brick-and-mortar establishments. In a recent poll, roughly 90% of people who read reviews online say that a thoughtful, polite, and caring response to a bad review by a business owner improves their impression of the business. 

Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable marketing company can help you address poor reviews and turn them into opportunities. Learn more about the skills that your chosen digital marketing company should have in this blog provided by Pure Digital Marketing in Tampa, FL.

Responding to Negative Google Reviews

You need to respond to bad online reviews quickly. Additionally, long, drawn-out explanations or rebuttals to poor reviews make you seem defensive and make the customer seem justified. Instead, convey your empathy for their experience and your desire to prevent such incidents in the future.

Speedy responses to bad reviews discourage others from frivolously slamming your business. Many people go online just to trash-talk those who won’t defend themselves. Let your customers know that you appreciate their feedback, as it helps you provide the best service and experience for them. 

Tips for Tampa, FL Businesses Handling Bad Online Reviews

Although a negative review can feel like an attack, it’s best to take a moment to cool down and collect yourself before responding. Keep these strategies in mind when figuring out how to respond to a bad review on Google:

1. Use Empathy

Let the customer know you understand how they feel and why they feel that way. This person took the time to write a review because they expected something they did not get. Let your response indicate that you see their side of the issue and are eager to remedy the problem.

2. Fix What You Can

People who read your response to a negative review do not find your ability to bicker with someone impressive. If the reviewer has only nasty things to say, rise above it and offer realistic ways to compensate them or improve their next experience. When people see you using this strategy, they know that your customer’s satisfaction is more important to you than winning an argument.

3. Apologize

Even if the customer’s issue is out of your control, an apology can go a long way. Let them know you want to resolve the issue, not brush it off.

4. Check in with the Reviewer

In your immediate response, give them your e-mail or phone number so they can contact you personally to resolve the matter. Follow up with the client later to build rapport and create a long-lasting business relationship.

Pure Digital Marketing in Tampa, FL

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