Internet Marketing Strategies For HVAC Contractors

Internet Marketing Strategies For HVAC Contractors

Helpful Strategies Include Web Design GMB, Reviews, SEO, PPC, And Google Local Service Ads

Getting ahead of the competition in the HVAC business is not easy, especially given the number of other HVAC companies out there. One of the biggest problems that HVAC contractors have when it comes to reaching new customers is visibility: you want your HVAC company to be seen along with (and ideally before) all the others. Internet marketing strategies are some of the best tools for increasing visibility. The following HVAC marketing strategies have proven extremely effective for increasing visibility, leads and sales:

  • Web Design

  • GMB

  • Reviews

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Google Local Service Ads

Each of these helpful strategies will be examined below. The most successful HVAC contractors use all of the above strategies in combination.

Website Design

  • Results-Focused

  • User-Friendly

  • Search Engine Friendly

A good HVAC contractor website (or any business website, for that matter) should, above all else, drive conversions. In other words, people should be compelled to book your services after visiting your website. This is what we mean when we say that a good HVAC website should be “results-focused.”  If your website is not user-friendly, it will likely not be high-converting. After all, people need to be able to easily navigate your website if they are to use it to book HVAC services. A user-friendly website works well on mobile devices as well as personal computers (mobile devices currently outnumber computers by a 3 to 1 ratio!). Not only does your website need to be user-friendly; it needs to be search engine friendly as well. Your site will have zero conversions if no one is able to find it. On an ideal HVAC company website, each page will be designed and set up in a way that puts it at the top of the local search results on major search engines.

 Search Engine Optimization

  • Relevant Content

  • Correct Implementation

  • Accurate Reporting

One of the best ways to help your HVAC company move up in the local search results is thorough an internet marketing strategy called search engine optimization (SEO). For an SEO campaign to be successful, it needs to be built on a foundation of relevant content. Unfortunately, too many SEO campaigns within the HVAC industry rely on filler content meant to simply manipulate search engine algorithms. If you are to reach customers in your area, you need to provide content that is informative and relatable. A successful HVAC SEO campaign also needs the right implementation. SEO strategies are constantly evolving, which is why it is important to implement the most current strategies, and routinely reassess the campaign. Successful reassessment efforts depend on accurate measurements, which is why reporting is so important to SEO campaigns.


GMB stands for “Google My Business.” HVAC contractors find this relatively recent internet marketing strategy to be especially effective. Essentially, this tool serves as your primary listing on Google. How you manage this listing determines how easy it will be for customers to find and learn about your HVAC company. There are several ways that you can help your GMB listing stand out. These include:

  • Optimize for mobile

  • Share helpful information, including reviews

  • Engage with customers

As an HVAC contractor, you will find that GMB is a useful tool for connecting with new (and previous) customers and growing your business.


  • Campaign Research

  • Client Analysis

  • Online Reporting

PPC or “Pay Per Click” advertising offers another great way to grow your HVAC business. The goal of a PPC campaign is to develop strong marketing messages that invite prospective customers to your website. This will in turn increase conversions on your website and drive your HVAC business forward. This is achieved in several ways. For one, it is done through campaign research and development. This helps you (a) determine what search terms are being used most frequently and (b) use those terms to your advantage.

A successful PPC campaign also relies on client analysis. That is to say that the manager of your PPC campaign will understand the HVAC industry and your place within it. This involves analyzing your current website, installing (or reviewing) web analytics, analyzing your local HVAC competitors, and offering suggestions that will help you maximize the success of your PPC campaign. 24/7 online reporting helps you keep track of how many people visited your website and how many visitors because customers (conversion). This is a hugely helpful tool to have.

Google Local Service Ads And Reviews

Google’s local service ads and Google Reviews will also help grow your business. These tools are crucial to contractors, as many potential customers find contractors through local service ads and make their decision to schedule services based on reviews. One problem that many local HVAC contractors run into is fake, misleading, or otherwise unwarranted negative reviews. A few irresponsible individuals (who may even include your competitors) should not be able to ruin your reputation. That is why we recommend working with a company that can provide reputation management, filtering out the harmful reviews.

How To Implement Internet Marketing Strategies

We just covered several helpful internet marketing strategies—we know it’s a lot to take in. You might be left wondering, “how do I implement all these internet marketing strategies at my HVAC company?” Fair question. We certainly do not recommend trying to perform these services yourself. After all, you have an HVAC business to run. Rather, we recommend working with an experienced internet marketing firm, such as Pure Digital Marketing. Companies like Pure Digital Marketing can do all the complicated research and groundwork for you. They can also help you implement all the strategies mentioned above.

Better still, internet marketing companies can provide you with up-to-date reporting, so that you know how your digital marketing campaign is going and where it can improve. An experienced digital marketing company will also be able to help you make any necessary changes. The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is flexibility. Industry knowledge is also important. That is why we recommend working with a company that has experience helping HVAC contractors specifically.