Marketing and User Experience: Why a Great UX Design Matters

marketing and user experience

Marketing and user experience (UX) have a close connection to your website. A great UX design can improve the experience of everyone who visits your site, and happy visitors are more likely to handle marketing for you through word of mouth.

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Go Over the Facts About User Experience

Many companies underestimate the connection between marketing and UX. Studies show that only around half of the brands reviewed engage in active user experience testing. This form of testing allows companies to gather information about how their customers feel about using their websites. 

Based on this data, we know that about half of the brands in operation do not perform this kind of testing. Instead, many ignore the testing to save money or because they think it doesn’t matter for the success of their business.

However, around 75% of customers are more likely to return to a website optimized for a better user experience. Conversely, about 50% of users won’t engage with a company again after a bad mobile experience. 

As you can see, user experience plays a massive role in the customer journey performed by your potential clients. 

User Experience and Mobile Devices

Companies only had to worry about the user experience on desktops or laptops in the past. Most computer screens displayed their websites the same way, though there could be slight variations based on the search engine. 

All the rules regarding desktop usage have changed in today’s digital landscape. Many people choose to use their mobile devices instead when performing web searches. Around 60% of total web searches happen on mobile phones or tablets. 

However, most people still make their final transactions on their PC. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to ensure their website is both computer and mobile-friendly. If the site cannot adapt and change, customers may get impatient and leave without purchasing. 

Factors to Consider When Optimizing for User Experience

Market research shows that web users prefer sites that adjust and adapt to their needs, tying directly into their user experience. You can stand out from the crowd by focusing on designing a website that’s:


Provide the information your customers want clearly and straightforwardly. Make sure your links are easy to access and labeled in a way that’s easy to understand. Most web visitors do not want to puzzle out what you mean when they visit your site.


Long stretches of text often prove difficult to read, especially on mobile devices. Keeping your website concise and focused makes it easier for guests to find the information they want quickly. Adding too much information will also slow down your website. 

Check out our guide to website loading times to discover the benefits that come from keeping your site moving quickly. In today’s busy world, every second counts. 


Customers should be able to access every part of your website, regardless of the device they choose to use. Having designs that prevent mobile users from quickly clicking links or searching through your site may convince them to leave without making a purchase. 

Consider the Content You Provide for a Good User Experience

Part of marketing and user experience involves making sure your site is easy to use for visitors. However, usability only represents one part of the UX equation. You also need to provide customers with something to experience when they visit your website. 

Digital copy is vital for several reasons for user experience and digital marketing campaigns. First, copy encourages customers to stay on your website. Around 80% of people report they like to read relevant copy when visiting a company site. 

You want to include copy that offers something of direct value to your clients, portrayed engagingly for best results. It’s also essential to post copy that helps you rank on different search engines. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Your Content

When setting up digital marketing campaigns, it’s essential to focus on SEO content. This kind of content helps your posts appear towards the top of Google’s rankings, making it more likely that customers will see your website.

Online users also tend to put more faith in posts with a high ranking on Google. They find them more reliable, so they’re more likely to visit these pages, potentially leading to a conversion. 

You can boost the ranking of your website with content that includes keywords used in web searches. Skilled web designers also create content that focuses on consumer needs or questions. Engagingly writing the content keeps customers on your website.  

User Experience and Other Aspects of Digital Marketing

User experience only represents one aspect of digital marketing campaigns. Other factors, like content strategy, creation, and distribution, play critical roles in the company’s ranks under Google’s algorithms.

Read about the Google experience algorithm update and how it may impact your company to learn more. A professional team can help you design your digital marketing plan focusing on providing an excellent experience for guests and offering them the content they want. 

Provide a Better User Experience for Your Customers

Marketing and user experience go together, along with content generation and distribution. Find out more about how all these factors impact the reception of your company’s website with the team at Pure Digital Marketing.

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