Our Guide to SEO in 2020 – What Changes You Should Expect This Year


Over the years, it is common to see technological advancements taking place regularly. In 2020, to be exact, expect even more changes in technology that may influence your SEO strategies. Because your SEO plays an important role in your online marketing strategies, it only makes sense that you stay updated on technological changes that may impact the way you strategize your SEO. 

In this article, we will share with you four changes that you can expect to happen. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Voice Search

In recent years, there has been an increase in voice searches, which will inevitably affect your SEO strategies. In 2020, there is an estimated 50% increase in voice searches. For SEO, this means modifying the keywords that you use, such as long-tail keywords. Additionally, the keywords must be able to match natural phrases and language. 

Google Featured Snippet

Google’s featured snippet, also known as “position 0,” is one of the most-talked-about trends in 2020 that will change SEO. Today, Google provides a featured snippet for queries done online, which is actually an initiative to reduce the need to click on search results. However, brands cannot take advantage of this because Google doesn’t give complete details on their snippet. 

To be featured in the snippet, you need to create content that is valuable and relevant to the keywords that you’ll use and create your page tags to fit question-based searches. Also, design your headlines and match the exact questions users are looking for online. 

FAQs are also an excellent type of content that can help you get in the featured snippet of Google. Being in the featured snippet can do wonders for your brand because users can easily find you, so be sure to adjust your SEO strategies! 

User Experience

Search engines today are even more user-focused. With that, Google, Bing, and other search engines ensure that they only pull up the most relevant results for users. One of the ranking factors that search engines use to determine the relevancy of a website is user experience. If you have a low bounce rate, then you will gain points when it comes to user experience. 

For your SEO, make sure to provide site visitors with the best experience. You can do this by ensuring that your site loads fast, has a seamless navigational experience, and you have valuable content. 

Hyperlocal Results

There is now a significant increase in local searches, and you will see more of that in 2020. So, if you want your company to get the most online traction, you need to increase your visibility online and offline. Encourage customers to leave reviews about your business and ensure that you have accurate listings. Build on your social media presence so that your target audience can easily find your site. 

Wrapping up

At this point, you now know several changes that are bound to happen this 2020. If you aren’t ready for this yet, it is now time that you do so! Remember that your SEO has a significant impact on your online marketing, so you will need to do what it takes to make the most out of it.

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