PPC Bidding Strategies: 6 Pro Tips for a Successful Campaign

PPC Bidding Strategies

6 Tips on Effective PPC Bidding Strategies

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are an effective digital marketing strategy, especially Google Ads. The world’s most-used search engine uses artificial intelligence for its PPC bidding strategies. Automating bidding on the advertising platform can optimize marketing campaigns in some cases, but manual bidding works better for others. 

As one of the go-to companies for Tampa’s pay-per-click management services, the marketing experts at Pure Digital Marketing explain what you should know about the most effective PPC bidding strategies. 

What Is Manual Cost-Per-Click Bidding for Google Ads?

Manual CPC lets you determine the maximum price you’ll pay if someone clicks on one of your ads. The max CPC amount you set is how much you’d pay when someone clicks your ads. 

For example, suppose you run an ad on television that 500 people see, but only ten people call the number on the screen. If you could apply the same principles as Manual CPC, you would only pay for the ten viewers who called the number, not the entire ad. 

When you select manual CPC for your Google Ads campaign, you can set the max CPC amount to a figure you’re comfortable with and see how many clicks it generates. Use bid adjustments to raise or lower your max CPC bids for mobile device searches or online queries in specific locations. 

What Is Google Ads Automated Bidding?

Unlike Manual CPC, automated PPC bidding strategies don’t require you to adjust anything manually. Instead, Google Ads will set bids for your ad campaign based on the advertisement’s likelihood of generating a conversion or click. 

Automated bidding takes the guesswork out of setting bids, making it an essential tool for many successful Google Ads campaigns. You can use various automated PPC bidding strategies to boost several aspects of your marketing campaign, including:

  • Clicks
  • Conversion rates
  • Online visibility
  • Conversion values

Top 6 Tips To Build Your PPC Bidding Strategy

1. Target Cost-Per-Action

Target cost-per-action is a bidding strategy ideal for anyone who wants to increase online awareness about their business. The ad will generate a large impression, which means many people will see the link to your sight on Google’s search engine results pages. Despite the impressions, the ad might not generate many clicks. 

2. Maximize Clicks Bidding Strategy

This option works well when you don’t have a large daily budget or extensive search volume for your ad campaign. The Maximum Clicks bidding strategy relies on your daily max advertising budget to get the most clicks from Google with your allocated funds. 

3. Maximize Conversion Bidding Strategy

If you want your ad to get the most conversions possible regardless of its cost per lead, consider the Maximize Conversion bidding strategy. The strategy ignores conversion action in favor of consistent growth. However, it will spend your daily budget without consideration for the ad’s return on ad spend.

4. Target Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS)

As of April 2021, Google’s Target ROAS will function under Max Conversion value. Max Conversion value is one of the most viable PPC bidding strategies because it focuses more on conversion value than traffic volume. However, it relies heavily on the marketer’s math knowledge. 

To use this strategy, you must set the conversion values for every conversion. For instance, a phone call to the business might have a different conversion value than someone completing an online form on your website. 

Then, you’ll set your ROAS goal with a 300x minimum. Ads on Google must have a 15-conversion minimum within 30 days to use Target ROAS. 

5. Manual Bidding

Sometimes, manual bidding is the ideal option for managing a Google Ads campaign. With it, you have complete control over your bidding adjustments, which include:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Device
  • Audience

Manual bidding is excellent for seasoned marketers who don’t mind manually monitoring and updating their Google Ads campaigns. However, overbidding is easy if you have too many bid adjustments. 

6. Target Cost-Per-Acquistion (CPA)

Like Target ROAS, Target CPA will operate under Max Conversion for Google Ads. This strategy lets you set the average amount you’d like to pay for every conversion. You can spend a daily budget to drive a high conversion rate at the set cost-per-acquisition.

Conversions may have a higher or lower CPA. Target CPA or Max Conversion won’t differentiate between them. 

Make the Most of Your PPC Campaigns With Pure Digital Marketing

Pure Digital Marketing is a premier marketing agency and certified Google partner. Their experienced marketing experts can help you expand your business and improve your conversion rate through PPC advertising, SEO best practices, and more. If you want more information about PPC bidding strategies or PPC calculation, reach out to the Pure Digital Marketing team today.

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