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SEO is one of the most hyped online services and the most misunderstood. So how do you avoid spending your valuable online marketing dollars and hire a quality Tampa SEO company that truly understands your internet marketing needs and can deliver expected or promised results?

It is important that you take responsibility as a business owner to make sure you ask the right questions to help you avoid the pitfalls of predatory SEO firms and their claims. You can and should ask a few of the following:

  • Results for multiple businesses that score 1st page rankings.
  • 1st page rankings that have “qualified traffic” from a keyword tool.
  • Make sure those businesses rank for multiple keywords not 1 or 2 keyword phrases.
  • Methods they use to gain top rankings.
  • Ask to see ONLINE where they placed bookmarks, blogs, articles for that company.
  • Ask for a testimonial from more than one ranking, qualified, business owner.

Keep in mind that Organic search, SEO, has the highest long term ROI but top rankings require time, especially for competitive keywords. Anyone who guarantees top page ranking and promises to get you there within a month or two may not be the right company for you.

At Pure Digital Marketing what makes us different from most other SEO companies, is every SEO campaign comes with access to our search marketing dashboard. This real-time online reporting tool allows you to:

  • Track your website visitors
  • View your SEO results
  • View traffic trends to your website
  • Source of that traffic
  • Top organic keywords
  • Track your Social Reputation
  • Phone calls the website generated. (optional)
  • and more…….

As a professional Tampa SEO Company we ensure to our clients reporting tools, monthly benchmarks and guidelines for everything that is expected of our company. 
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