Seven Social Media Marketing Trends to Capitalize For in 2022

social media marketing trends

Social media marketing has significantly changed in the past years. Social media’s popularity is only increasing, meaning you need to update your social media strategy to stay relevant and visible across all platforms. There are several social media marketing trends you can capitalize on in 2022.

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With social media drawing more users daily, using the right social media marketing trends is critical to improve brand visibility and increase sales. Social media’s highly-competitive market means you need to take advantage of surefire trends before others. By utilizing specific social media platforms and keeping up with the most popular social media trends, you can significantly increase your business.

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TikTok has experienced significant growth over the last year. With nearly 80 million users, TikTok only shows projections to grow significantly over the following years. By 2023, statistics predict there will be almost 90 million active users on TikTok.

As short-form video maintains popularity and TikTok launches tools for influencers, brands, and others, more businesses will begin promoting their brands on TikTok. Companies will be able to reach younger target audiences faster and in creative ways.

Through TikTok, brands have many opportunities to partner with already established brands or engage with their target audience through direct messages and comments.

Expanding Visibility Will Become the Priority

While past social media strategies focused on advertising their offerings and increasing sales, 2022’s trends change these goals for many brands. Now, the focus is on improving brand awareness and connecting with target audiences. Social platforms allow brands this visibility to: 

●      Expand their viewers and traffic

●      Increase customer loyalty

●      Obtain new marketing opportunities

The pandemic made many brands shift their viewpoints. In 2022, brands will begin to use social media channels to establish relationships and market their products. New goals include providing better customer service and finding effective ways to retain conversions online.

Augmented Reality Will Grow Steadily

Past uses of augmented reality include product testing and improving online interaction. While these are popular uses, marketers can also use augmented reality to enhance user experiences while making purchases or trying products. 2022’s social media marketing trends will include increased augmented reality use.

While virtual reality still has a way to come, companies like Snap, Inc. have spearheaded augmented reality as a way to improve user retention. Social media and augmented reality combine forces to reach users in personalized forms. With Meta and Snapchat being leaders in the augmented reality world, augmented and virtual reality will only increase in popularity. 

Instagram and Twitter Investments Will Increase

Instagram and Twitter are consistently successful for marketing and establishing new brand relationships. Bite-sized ways to promote brands are proving useful – with marketers having had significant success with Instagram – while more and more businesses are starting to see Twitter as a viable option.

As they maintain this success, more companies will use these platforms for marketing. Brands will see the effectiveness of these platforms compared to Facebook’s recent decrease in advertising. Businesses already utilizing Twitter and Instagram will continue to do so. 

Companies Will Use Social Listening

Another one of the most popular social media market trends is social listening. This tool helps marketers develop and reform a social media strategy. As 2022 progresses, companies will incorporate social listening into their strategy development plan. 

As competition increases, your company must have a way to develop a highly effective marketing strategy to get ahead of other brands. Social platforms offer insight into:

●      What a target audience thinks of your company

●      What target audiences want out of your brand

●      The target audience’s current interaction rates with your social media presence

Your company can get incredibly creative with many different social listening tools and methods. Social media allows you to leverage particular hashtags and keywords. Once obtaining vital insight into your company’s followers, you can sculpt your social media campaigns to best fit their demands. 

More Brands Will Target Local Audiences

Gone are the days of reaching a general online audience. Brands will create more posts and stores for location-based target audiences. Companies seeking more social media interaction will take advantage of geo-tagging content to bring local users.

By using location tags and filters on your content or boosting your post across specific locations, you can use social media to target very specific areas. With combined strategies, local businesses can explode their lead generation on social media locally and internationally.

Personalization Will Be Most Important

While personalized content isn’t new, rising technologies make it worthwhile in 2022. Personalized ads give social media users a direct way to view the content and products they enjoy. More businesses and marketers will leverage personalization to display relevant content at the most beneficial times, increasing sales and potentially gaining a loyal customer.

Grow Your Social Media Strategy 

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