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New to the digital space? You’ve likely already heard that “CONTENT IS KING!” And, it is! Content marketing involves creating and distributing relevant (and valuable) content to your target audience with the objective of attracting, acquiring and engaging new customers.

Let Us Make You a STAR with our Content Marketing Services

A strong content marketing strategy consists of content that is search engine friendly but is also user-friendly and enjoyable to read. Unlike many copywriting firms or SEO firms, Pure Digital Marketing’s diverse team of marketing specialists delivers the best of BOTH worlds.

As a leading SEO company, we provide clients with high performing search engine optimized content, producing higher returns on online investments, and as a company fueled by creative horsepower, we ensure that content is continually engaging and works on our client’s behalf to attract new and returning visitors week after week.

Law Firm Marketing with Pure Digital Marketing

Results With Pure Digital Marketing Include:

  • Increased brand exposure and stronger online presence
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Improved customer perception
  • Stronger industry presence – Appear as the “expert” within your niche!
  • New customers
  • More dedicated customer advocates

Here are Just Some of Our Content Marketing Services

  • Website Content: Having your website content professionally written by our marketing team helps shape your organization’s tone and style of business, and ensures that it remains consistent across all platforms. Professionally written sales content also helps better convey your messages to your desired audience, and speak in a way that informs the customer, and inspires them to take action. Ultimately, this leads to higher site conversations. All website content written at Pure Digital Marketing is optimized with keywords to further help attract new visitors and higher search rankings.
  • Blogs: From how-to articles and the answers to frequently asked questions to product reviews and customer testimonials, blogs are one of the fastest and easiest ways to push content out to your target market.
  • Press Releases/News: Although press releases are still used as vehicles to notify media reps of newsworthy events and occurrences, they are often utilized as a key component of content marketing. Press releases are an effective tool for reaching consumers and “flooding” the search engines with valuable information about your company. This marketing initiative is especially important for those trying to repair a damaged reputation or those trying to push a specific message out through nationwide outlets.
  • Case Studies: By sharing an analysis of a project, campaign or service solution, companies are able to give direct examples of their successes. At a minimum, case studies paint a picture of where the company excels and what differentiates them from competitors. Case studies compiled at Pure Digital Marketing are strategically written to contain optimized keywords, serving as a direct point of entry via the search for specific products or services.
  • White Papers: A white paper is a company-authored report that helps readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make an educated decision. White papers not only provide readers with information of value but help position the authoring company as experts within their industry.

Some or all of the aforementioned services will contribute to a successful content marketing program for your company. Pure Digital Marketing designs one of a kind content marketing strategies for each company based on clients’ specific needs and goals.

The Importance of Engaging a Great Content Marketer 

In the online world, we don’t have the opportunity to speak with our prospects face to face (unless of course, we’re utilizing video). Through content marketing projects at Pure Digital Marketing, we give companies a voice, helping them to better connect with customers and persuade purchasing decisions. Because content serves not only site visitors, but also the search engines, companies that market content continually creates opportunities for potential customers to find their company through organic search. In short, strategic content development and placement with Pure Digital Marketing will strengthen your brand and bring it to the surface!

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