Tampa Email Marketing Management

As a authorized Constant Contact® partner, our email marketing management service provides a number of benefits to local businesses and offers an effective way for vendors to increase their sales, cross-sell and up-sell products or services. Email marketing services can also offer an effective method of obtaining feedback from your existing clients and website visitors.

Studies have shown that the majority of online shoppers visit a website at least seven times before they decide to buy, so it is vital to have some way of following up with website visitors to ensure they return to your site to complete a purchase. Research has also shown that the highest percentage of revenue on most websites is through repeat sales. So once your clients have purchased goods or services from you, it’s important to stay in contact with them as it’s much more cost effective to sell products to existing customers then trying to obtain new customers.

Why Email Marketing Services from Pure Digital Marketing?

  • Content Creation: Pure Digital Marketing will write original email copy to be used in an auto-responder or marketing campaign. We will have a 30-minute conference or in-person call with the our clients to gather information for writing the email content. Our writer will create the email content and send to client for sign-off. Once content is approved Pure Digital Marketing will load the content into client’s website matched HTML template.
  • Monthly Newsletter Strategy: Pure Digital Marketing will have an initial meeting with the client and discuss concepts for a monthly newsletter. Pure Digital Marketing will assign a writer to create custom content at 4 hours each month. Custom editorial requests can be provided and we will write the newsletter based on the initial direction provided in the kick-off meeting. Pure Digital Marketing will then send the newsletter, for proofing, to the client 3 days before the email is scheduled to be sent to the client’s customers.
  • Email List Management: Pure Digital Marketing will work with client to strategize how to start, grow, segment target groups and help keep your email list up to date, accurate and reliable.
  • Time and Cost Effective: It costs over 80% less to manage an email marketing campaign as it does to run a direct mail campaign, and it’s also faster than direct mail or print advertising when it comes to designing and executing a professional looking marketing campaign.
  • Interactive: Our email campaigns provide business with the opportunity to add interactive features such as music, graphics, videos, links and even mini games, and allows businesses to develop innovative and interesting marketing strategies that can grab the attention of your prospects and encourage them to re-visit your website in the future.
  • Personalization: It is very quick and easy to personalize each outgoing email with the tools provided by our email marketing services, and this means you can build and strengthen your customer relationships to create a loyal client base.
  • Results: Email marketing services make it easy for you to collect meaningful results from your campaigns, which you can then analyze in order to help develop or improve your marketing strategies for future campaigns.

Call 813-419-7873 or Contact Us online to speak with one of our Email marketing specialists. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about this effective marketing tool.