Got a Tampa SEO Company That Doesn’t Use Website Analytics? Dump ‘Em!

website analytics

OK, so you know that your Tampa SEO company is only as good as the advice it gives you.  But how do you know if their advice is ACTUALLY working?

You don’t — unless they use some kind of web analytics!

Analytics is special tracking software that can tell you all kinds of things about your website — like how many people visited it on a certain day, how they got there (like from a link on your Facebook page, one of your PPC ads, from your blog’s RSS feed, etc.), where they live, how long they stayed, and even which pages they checked out.

With analytics, you can see which traffic sources are working the best, whether or not those link-building techniques are really paying off, which keywords are worth focusing on, and which pages are driving visitors away.  A good Tampa SEO company can even use analytics to come up with new keywords to target that they might not have thought of before!

And, by understanding exactly who’s visiting your website, you can develop new products and services accordingly.  Then, you can use analytics to split-test different sales pages and see which one converts best.

So, what if you’ve got a Tampa internet marketing company that DOESN’T use analytics?

Dump ’em!

After all, how else are you supposed to know what’s working?  Without any results to look at, you don’t know where to focus your marketing efforts.  Instead of devoting more time, money, and energy to the things that are working — and eliminating the things that aren’t — you’ll simply be throwing a whole bunch of mud at the wall and hoping that some of it sticks!

It’s like trying to fly a plane around a thunderstorm without any radar… How can you possibly do it?!