Web Reporting & Phone Tracking

Online Conversion Reporting & Phone Tracking

At Pure Digital Marketing we strongly encourage all business owners, whether you do business with us or not, to keep engaged 24/7 with your advertising dollars. Tracking your traffic, conversions and calls is key to understanding the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns. With Pure Digital Marketing we can provide different phone numbers for each Web site, Web page, pay-per-click ad, or print advertisement and track everything with our comprehensive reporting.

4 Key Benefits for Tracking Your Investment:

1) Quality Control: lets you know, we are doing what we say we are.
2) Tangible ROI: 24/7 access to statistics of your investment campaign.
3) Rank Watch: Keep up-to-date on how you rank for competitive keywords.
4) Competitor Watch: Keep informed how you rank against your competition.

Our user-friendly reporting system provides bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts that can be broken down from a monthly, weekly or daily overview. You will be able to see your phone calls, keyword traffic and web statistics side-by-side to track your performance and review how your investment in online advertising is paying off. Collecting ROI statistics on marketing campaigns has become a valuable method in determining the great products and businesses from the rest of it class.

Call 813-419-7873 or Contact Us online to speak with one of our Internet Marketing Specialists. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which advertising mediums are producing the best ROI for your business.

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