Website Call Tracking: Why It Matters and How To Track Your Conversions

website call tracking

Most websites track conversions from direct online purchases through the site or the completion of online forms. However, professionals from a leading digital marketing agency in Tampa say website phone calls are also important when determining the business’s conversion rate.

Google Analytics makes it easy to track web actions like forms and purchases, but what about website call tracking? Consult the guide below to learn call tracking with Google and additional software and how they both affect your company’s conversion rate. 

What Is Website Call Tracking?

Website call tracking gives business owners crucial insight into the effectiveness of their website and online marketing. The data will show if your strategies drive web traffic to your site and encourage people to contact your business through the phone number on your website.

When you track a call, you can keep tabs on the number of phone calls you receive through various platforms. The process works by adding a unique tracking number on your site, landing page, or forum associated with an ad campaign. When people call your business with those numbers, it will forward to your business. 

Benefits of Phone Call Conversion Tracking

By using Google Analytics and website call tracking software, you can enjoy several benefits.

Improved Customer Experience

The software allows you to track valuable information about your customers, including call length, caller intent, and caller location. The call recording will tell you what was said in the call, which will help you and your team understand your customers’ needs and what drives them to contact your business.

You can use the information to improve your sales pitch, marketing efforts, customer service, and online interactions to generate additional business leads.

Keep Track of Effective Marketing Strategies

With specific Google forwarding numbers, you can have separate numbers for every platform. For instance, you can include a different toll-free number on various landing pages and have another one for your company’s blog content. You can also include a different number with a paid advertisement campaign. 

Because each platform will have a different phone number, you can pinpoint precisely where each business call generates. It’s an effective method to determine which online content is engaging enough to create sales conversions. 

Schedule Staff at Your Physical Location More Effectively

By tracking website calls, you will know when customers are more likely to contact your business. The data will also tell you the average time of each call. After several days of gathering information through the tracked calls, you can determine your business’s peak hours and adjust your weekly schedules accordingly. 

With more staff on hand to handle calls when they are more likely to occur, you can ensure that your company provides excellent customer service to callers. There will be enough people to tend to callers’ needs, and you won’t have to worry about placing people on hold often. 

Why Is Website Call Tracking Necessary?

Phone calls are vital to every business. Though the consumer landscape is continuing to shift toward online purchases and interactions, consumers still call companies to inquire about services, purchase products, arrange for consultations, speak with customer service, and more. 

Paid and organic searches, social platform ads, and mobile landing pages are responsible for billions of calls to businesses each year in the United States. With so many people calling companies from online queries, the business’s marketing team must track and report the calls. 

Offline phone conversions, web conversions, and online phone call conversions will give you the best understanding of your advertising and marketing endeavors. 

Types of Call Conversions To Track

Business owners have several methods to track call conversions:

  • Calls to numbers on the website: When someone calls your business from a forwarding number attached to an ad click, and it lasts for the minimum call length you set up, the call will be counted as a conversion. 
  • Imported calls: These conversions occur when you track calls from another system and import them into Google Ads. You will have more control over the types of calls you consider conversions, such as those that include a confirmed sale. 
  • Calls from ads: You can track calls from call-only ads or call extensions within ads. Each call lasting as long as the minimum call duration is a conversion.
  • Calls from mobile website number: You can track when someone clicks on an ad and the phone number link on the mobile version of your website. 

Tracking Calls in Google Analytics

When using Google’s phone call conversion tracking, you can monitor the conversions of calls from your website. Replace your company phone number with the dynamically generated Google number and set up call tracking in Google Analytics by following these steps:

  1. Set up call reporting and call extension in your Google Ads account.
  2. In Google Ads, create your call conversion actions to determine what will qualify as a conversion. Actions can include “set appointment,” “purchased item,” and more.
  3. Set the call length minimum to determine what call duration will initiate a conversion.
  4. Create a call conversion tracking tag, which are two javascript codes that will go into your website. The coding allows Google to attribute conversions to your marketing campaigns and report the data to Google Analytics.
  5. Check your code and start tracking. 

Reasons To Use Call Tracking Software With Google Analytics

Though Google Analytics is an effective data tracking platform, integrating other call tracking software will significantly boost your web optimization. You’ll have more conversions by phone and web traffic. The software will also:

  • Give you more accurate reportings on consumer phone calls
  • Track calls from other sources beyond ad clicks
  • Generate more data for ad optimization like keywords and information about web pages that drive calls

Reach Your Conversions Goals With Website Call Tracking

Learning how to embrace website call tracking is a challenge for some business owners. However, it’s one of the best ways to understand the effectiveness of your overall online presence. 

When you’re ready to learn about phone tracking software, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Pure Digital Marketing at 813-419-7873. Their team has years of experience tracking their clients’ web traffic, marketing campaigns, and consumer phone calls.