What Is a Google My Business Profile?: Everything You Need to Know

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Tips from a Tampa Digital Marketing Agency About Managing Your Business Profile on Google

As a business owner, your profile on google affects how many new leads and repeat customers you get. So what is a Google My Business profile? At Pure Digital Marketing, we’re Tampa’s trusted local SEO services provider. We’re going to answer that question and more in the paragraphs below.

What Is a Google My Business Profile?

Business owners can control their branding and reputation on Google with a Google My Business Profile. Your business profile on Google can include:

  • Business hours
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Location
  • Photos
  • Customer interactions

Owning your profile on Google allows you to monitor and respond to reviews, post to your GMB profile, and more once you verify your business.

Service Area Business Guide

What is a Google My Business profile relating to serving local customers? Many customers turn to Google to learn more about a company before calling to ask questions or schedule an appointment. They look for information about if you’re still open, your business hours, and recent reviews from other customers.

It’s important to manage your online reputation with your profile on Google. For example, many customers may consider only reviews from the past year relevant to your business’s current operation. If your recent reviews aren’t great, or you don’t have many, a potential customer may call a competitor with better reviews.

Ask your satisfied customers to leave a review on your Google business profile. Encourage more reviews by responding to each recent review and thanking customers for their time to leave a review. For negative reviews, you have a public platform to contact the customer who had a bad experience and inform all prospective customers that you will do your best to make things right.

Google My Business Analytics

When managing your GMB profile on Google, your dashboard includes an analytics tab where you can see traffic sources to your profile. Analytics shows the search terms customers used to find your Google My Business profile, if they found you on Google Maps or through Google search engines, and analytic comparisons of your photo performance versus your competitors’.

To rank your Google My Business profile higher than your competitors, you can implement search engine optimization (SEO) into your profile on Google. For instance, if you own an HVAC company in Tampa, and your competitors regularly rank higher for “air conditioning Tampa Bay,” you can alter your keyword strategy to focus on “air cooling systems Tampa Bay.”

Unlike pay-per-click or social media ads, SEO requires no additional costs since SEO focuses on keyword research and content management.

However, many business owners are busy running their businesses and don’t have time to learn and implement effective SEO strategies themselves. Learn more on who needs local SEO efforts and consider hiring a digital marketing agency that offers SEO management for your business.

How a Tampa Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Manage Your Profile on Google

Google will rank your Google My Business page according to several factors, including:

  • Relevance of your GMB profile to search terms used by a user looking for your services.
  • Distance from someone searching for your services.
  • Authority factors such as SEO, links, business reviews, content keywords, and more.

Consider for a moment that you want to hire a digital marketing agency to manage your Google My Business profile and develop SEO and social media branding strategies for you. As a prospective customer, what will you look for in a digital marketing firm?

You will probably look at where each company ranks on Google’s first results page. You then might look at the recent Google reviews of the top three to five providers in the area. You want to be sure your top contenders offer the services you need with the right customer service attitude and at the right price.

Your prospective customers do the same when looking for fencing, HVAC contractors, attorneys, doctors, and your services.

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