Why Quality Traffic Should Be More Important Than SEO Rankings

Wasted SEO Money

The other day I was sitting at a local coffee shop when I overheard the gentleman behind me bragging to his friend about his business website being in the #1 positon on Google for 10 keywords. He proceeded to tell him that the Tampa SEO services provider he hired 4 months ago didnt charge him, till he hit page 1 which took place in less than 30 days.

Being an experienced internet marketing consultant, I just couldn’t sit idle and had to ask…..Here is how the converstation went:

Me: Wow that’s Awesome! #1 for 10 keywords in less than 30 days? 

Him: Yep….very excited. 

Me: Well being #1 does bring excitment, but I have to ask how much traffic did that bring you the last 90 days? 

Him: Not sure exactly, I know I have analytics but never viewed it. 

Me: That’s Interesting…. 

There is no doubt that SEO services has crossed every business owners mind when looking at ways to succed online. However, when choosing a Tampa SEO company, business owners should make sure that they remember quality traffic is often much more important, than good search rankings.

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to attract new business and has an incredible amount of potential in branding not only your website but your business as a whole.

As most experienced firms who provide seo services in tampa will attest, websites have to be optimized for the right customers, and not just for a high ranking. A high ranking from your search engine optimization won’t do you much good if it is not designed to bring in traffic, converisions, phone calls or leads.

Whether you are looking for a Tampa SEO services provider or looking to mix up your internet marketing with pay-per-click, banner ads, text ads etc… the end result should be to deliver quality traffic. A SEO company or business owner who does not focus on delivering quality traffic could wind up being a total waste of money, which is something that I’m sure no one wants to see happen.

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